❤ High Quality: Made of soft wipes without any additives, which is very safe and comfortable to use. Available in 3 different fruit fragrance, leaving faint fragrance in your nails after removing nail polish.
❤ Product Efficacy: The use of fresh fruit ingredients to extract without hurting the skin does not hurt the skin, soft texture, friction with the skin does not hurt the skin.
❤ Quickly Clean the Nail: It can be effective to clean your nail tips or removes your nail polish without hurting your skin and nails.
❤ Moistens Your Nails: Plant essential oils ingredient can moisturize nail horny, making your nails rosy and shiny.
❤ Easy to Use and Carry: The form of wipes is more convenient to use as well as great for carrying.

Plant Frangrance Nail Remover(JC2018N-016)

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