❤ Safe and non-toxic, easy for beginners.
❤ There are a large selection of tattoos for you to choose. It is perfect for music festival, bachelorette party, camping vacation, family beach trip, christmas gifts, bday gift and so on.
❤ Safe and fun for ages, including kids & adults. This series will make you look different, natural, cool and elegant!

How to use:
❤ Carefully remove the back withe paper from stencil; or you can cut the stencils into small parts to apply on your skin.
❤ Apply the stencil to skin, adhesive side down.
❤ Slowly peel back clear protective sheet.
❤ Apply henna body paint to skin showing through the stencil.
❤ Let dry according to paint instructions.
❤ Once henna is completely dry, rub off excess paint and remove stencil.
❤ If done with care, stencils can be reused up to a maximum of times.

❤ Use the stencils also for Glitter Tattoo and Air Brush Tattoo.
❤ Add glitter or other colors with a paintbrush for a special effect.
❤ Not for use on sensitive skin around eyes lips, or with young children.

After-sales service:
❤ If you have any problem with our products, please feel free to ask us!

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